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Civil Law

Our law firm can represent you in any civil lawsuit, acting on your behalf and for your interest. We provide you optimal strategies to settle your court procedures. In addition, we offer: legal advice, editing requests forms and formal legal actions, legal assistance and representation, negotiation (action of claims, annulment of legal documents, claims, actions, possession claims, defense of ownership right and other rights, debt claim recovery, severance of the joint possession, transactions, drafting contracts, preliminary sale agreement sale as well as other requests.)

Debt Recovery, Bad Debt Recovery, Debt Claim Recovery

For being able to recover the unpaid invoices, unrepaid loans or any other type of debt, you just need to send us by fax, email or post, the documents on which your claim is based according to the data included in the contract, or you can include the case in the new clients form, and in the shortest time possible one of our specialists will contact you and take over the case…

Commercial Companies

Setting-up commercial companies in all forms provided by Law 31/1990 RR. Elaboration and drafting of the Articles of Incorporation of the commercial companies, full consulting services on any changes of the Articles of Incorporation, obtainment of all the necessary approvals required for the headquarters and work point, submission of the file to the Trade Register Office, and receipt of Certificate of Incorporation (C.U.I.). Change of the legal form : SNC, SRL, SCS, SCA, SA

Real estate

The majority of problems, lawsuits or bankruptcies were due to poorly drafted contracts, often based on free patterns taken from the Internet or drafted by people that were not specialized in the law field. Our lawyers have assisted many clients in litigation arising from sale-purchase pre-agreements and contracts, debt assignment, giving in payment, tax base issues related to property purchase in Romania, etc.

Insolvency Proceedings

Our attorneys have experience in insolvency proceedings with respect to both creditors and debtors. We have assisted and represented our clients in a wide variety of litigation, which are in close connection with insolvency proceedings, both on the provisions of the Law 64/1995, of the Law 85/2006 and of the Law 85/2014…

Labor Law

Our team provides legal support to companies, unions, employers’ associations or employees by giving consulting services, legal assistance or representation in the negotiation phase of contractual relations and in the settlement phase concerning the conflicts occurred between the parties.


We provide legal assistance, draw up request forms and assure the representation of our clients during the enforcement phase of judicial decisions or other enforceable titles, as well as the action for a declaration that various securities (cheques, promissory notes) are enforceable.

Family Law

We also offer specialized and full consulting services for performing the dissolution of marriages concluded either between Romanian citizens with foreign citizens or both foreign citizens, according to EC Regulation 2201/2003.

Right of the insurers

The legal consulting tackles the issue of insurance legislation, insurance of goods, of persons, of financial risks, of transportation, of civil liability, and in the case of legal assistance and representation in court, it must responsibly involve into a successful settlement of your case and permanently inform you about the progress and status of the case.

Banking Law

Just like commissions, the masked interest is an abusive practice since it brings unjustified losses, and the contractual relation between the parties is no longer balanced. The majority of banks are not open for dialogue, reason for which they were sanctioned by the competent institutions, and many causes even reached in front of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

First Registration Tax

In September 2015, with the Government Order no. 40/2015 it was established that the persons who paid the special tax for motor vehicles, the motor vehicle pollution tax or the tax on polluting emissions coming from motor vehicles, may request all money back.


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