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Banking Law

In the contract concluded with the bank, the individuals are subject to Law no. 193/2000. The notion of client is defined by Law no. 193/2000 as being “any individual or group of individuals represented in associations, who, based on any contract to which this law is applicable, acts in the course of its commercial, industrial, production, artisanal or liberal activity.

Changing the interest rate, without consent and only with the subsequent notification, is just one of the difficult situations that you may face as a result of the fact that you obtained a credit.

Just like commissions, the masked interest is an abusive practice since it brings unjustified losses, and the contractual relation between the parties is no longer balanced. The majority of banks are not open for dialogue, reason for which they were sanctioned by the competent institutions, and many causes even reached in front of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We believe that any client of any bank has the possibility to request the court to certify the nullity of clauses introduced by the parties in the contract and to be replaced with other clauses”. In addition, the banking institution may be obliged to pay compensation for the damage brought.

If you want to have a lower rate in the bank, then the only option is the action in court.

We are waiting for your questions related to any unfair interest and unfair terms, on our email address, and you shall be contacted by a lawyer to explain to you the judicial and extrajudicial procedures.

Our firm initiated several lawsuits in court with the parties that were injured by banks, and the cases have been won and the abusively charged amounts were returned.